Mar 132017

Marianne Nicolson, The Sun is Setting on the British Empire, 2016
at the Belkin Gallery, UBC, Vancouver
Photo: Ann Cameron

A powerful new work by Marianne Nicolson has appeared on the east-facing wall of UBC’s Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery in connection with the exhibition To refuse/To wait/To sleep. Nicolson states that the piece “reworks the elements of the British Columbia flag, restoring the original position of the sun above the Union Jack, thereby symbolically altering the economic and political relationships it signifies.”

On March 25 at 1 pm, Nicolson will be at the Belkin for an artist talk. She will discuss her art practice as it engages with Indigenous histories and politics, and relating oral traditions to methodologies of archival research.

Two Nicolson works, Tunics of the Changing Tide, 2007, are hanging in the Walter C. Koerner Library on the UBC Main Mall.

The exhibition is at UBC until April 9, 2017.

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