Apr 112017

Carving Shed in Haida Gwaii

In December 2016 Kilthguulans (Christian White) announced Totem in the Forest, a new project in the Haida Gwaii, the creation of a pole, based on a design by Sqiltcange, great-uncle to Charles Edenshaw. The pole includes a raven and eagle story and some watchmen. Featured subjects are a female grizzly bear and her two cubs, and beneath, a male grizzly who is, in fact, a doorway to enter House for a Large Crowd of People. The house and pole were still standing in Haida Gwaii when Emily Carr painted it many years later.

Seven young carvers enrolled at Northwest Community College have been working under the direction of Christian White and his son Vernon, preparing for the raising of the 52’ pole at Taaw (Tow) Hill on Haida Gwaii, on June 21, 2017.


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