Jul 152017

Apprentices Working in Massett
Photo: From Haida Laas, Council of the Haida Nation

A magnificent 51-foot pole was raised in Hiellen HG on June 21, 2017. See The Beat (April 2017).

“We are recreating a pole from the 1820’s, that stood on Haida Gwaii for 100 years and then stood in Prince Rupert for 50 years before returning back home on Haida Gwaii to be stored with 7idansuu Jim Hart,” said Kilthguulans, artist Christian White, who headed a team of apprentices and journeymen. For more on the ceremony, see


Also on the Haida Gwaii, the Fourth Annual Art Auction & Dance Fundraiser will be held in Skidegate on Saturday, September 30. Tickets can be purchased at the Haida Gwaii Museum.


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