Feb 132017

Mark Preston, Untitled (Mask 4), yellow cedar
Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver

Vancouver’s Fazakas Gallery is presenting Great North, an exhibition of work by artists Mark Preston and Couzyn van Heuvelen. Preston and van Heuvelen are both from the North; Preston is of Tlingit ancestry and van Heuvelen is Inuk. Both artists are rooted in their respective histories and traditions, and have developed their own vision. This show aims to examine their voices as artists contributing to the Canadian cultural landscape.

The Gallery is at 688 East Hastings Street; the exhibition continues to February 25, 2017. The Fazakas Gallery has organized an interesting program of events for March on the theme of woman and art. There is breaking news about Beau Dick and his participation in Documents 14 this summer in Europe on https://www.fazakasgallery.com

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