Jun 092017

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, Grizzly Bear Woman
Photo courtesy of Raven Calling Productions, Farah Nosh Photography

Out of Concealment, a very creative and unusual cultural exhibition opens the evening of June 16, 2017, at the Haida Gwaii Museum at the Heritage Centre in Skidegate HG.

Artist Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson is a prominent Haida activist lawyer, and plays a strong role in contemporary and traditional Haida culture.

Recently she undertook a photography project in which she herself appears as some of the female supernatural beings and crest images of Haida legend: Volcano Woman, Cedar Sister, Landslide, and others.

“The process of undergoing the transformation into Supernatural Beings and Crest Figures is a familiar process for indigenous dancers, but undergoing a transformation whereby one retains part of our human nature is a different process. It is a journey paralleling that of Indigenous People today; one of stepping into and revealing our inherent power and connections with the earth and ocean,” states the artist.

For more about the museum, see http://haidagwaiimuseum.ca/

The exhibition is accompanied by a book, Out of Concealment: Female Supernatural Beings of Haida Gwaii, available from July 18, 2017. This publication features over thirty full-colour photo collages on this theme. The collages also integrate traditional Haida form-line art by Robert Davidson. Each image is accompanied by thoughtful text describing the supernatural beings’ place in Haida mythology. Out of Concealment encourages readers to see the feminine aspect of the powerful land and seascapes of Haida Gwaii, through a worldview where the environment is worthy of respect, not to be dominated or exploited.