Apr 112017

More than a history of relations between the indigenous nations and the European settlers, and eventually rulers, of North America, Blood and Land examines the “the paradoxes, diversity and successes of Native North Americans. Their astonishing ingenuity and supple intelligence enabled, after centuries of suffering both violence and dispossession, a striking level of recovery, optimism and autonomy in the twenty-first century.”

It is one of the few books which clarifies the differences in the ways that Canadian First Nations were treated and reacted to oppression, as opposed to American strategies and laws.

Jonathan King, in his nearly forty years as curator at the British Museum and now as the Von Hugel Fellow at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge University, travelled and worked with many North American native peoples, and had a particular interest in the Haida nation. The book is available abroad in hard cover and paperback, and in Canada in ebook format through Amazon.


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