The Beat is a project Ann Cameron began in 2007, having observed that the information flow in the area of First Nations art could be improved. The Beat newsletter provides information and context for current and upcoming events and accomplishments. We are promoting west coast First Nations art in the context of the communities and cultures of origin.

Ann Cameron was born in Vancouver, and returned to the city in 2002.

Ann has a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art and a Master of Museum Studies. More recently she received a Master of Information Studies.

Ann taught art history at the University of Manitoba and Waterloo University, and in private art schools and a federal penitentiary. She held positions at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario, and has worked as a freelancer for the CBC and as a translator. Ann has been a trustee on the Boards of the Royal Ontario Museum and the Bill Reid Foundation. She was appointed a member of the Board of the Vancouver Airport’s YVR Art Foundation in 2011.

Her family connection with First Nations is to the Chinook, Iroquois and Coeur d’Alene peoples.

Ann’s cousin, Dave Dumaresq, is a software developer, writer, and horse archer, living in Vancouver where he devotes time to webmastering The Beat and InkcatMedia.com.

Dave studied at BCIT, graduating with dual credentials in software development and computing systems (Hons). He works at BCcampus.ca as a senior technical analyst, but also writes fiction with a novel about identity thieves, and a stage play about rapidly advancing technology. Dave organizes the Vancouver-Archery meetup and practices Kassai Horseback Archery in Mount Currie.

His family connection with First Nations is through his son who is Ojibway and adopted brother who is Cree.